Saturday, March 31, 2012

Honda’s hydrogen car can power home for six days

Honda-FCX-Clarityjpg Honda’s fuel cell car, the FCX Clarity can power a home for six days, in the event of a power outage, the carmaker has revealed.

There is increasing interest in vehicle to grid power, ever since the Great East Japan Earthquake last March that left hundreds of homes without power for days. Now, the Japanese native brand has revealed how it fitted an inverter in the boot of the model and using its hydrogen fuel to generate electricity, demonstrated how the car can supply a continuous 9kw for more than seven hours-enough to supply the typical household with enough power to last the best part of a week.

According to, the hydrogen model is even better than a typical battery electric car, which would only be able to supply around two days worth of power to a home.

Honda has been leasing its fuel cell model to customers in Japan and the US since 2010. The car maker aims to bring a hydrogen-powered model to full production by 2015.

Using a 171-litre hydrogen, the FCX can travel around 270 miles on a full tank. The car’s 100kW motor generates 189lb.ft of torque. 

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