Sunday, April 22, 2012

Katy Perry vs. Kelly Osbourne: Whose Purple Hair Do You Prefer?

Katy-Perry-vs-Kelly-Osbourne It’s a purple reign: both Katy Perry and Kelly Osbourne dyed their hair purple this week, setting off a new mini-trend.

According to Perry’s stylist, Rita Hazan, the pop star’s longer hair is “purple velvet,” reports. “It’s dark and rich. It’s very punk rock. I love creating colors for her because she always knows how to rock it,” Hazan adds.

Osbourne went purple on Tuesday, Tweeting the process to fans. Earlier this year, after she added a bit of lavender to her gray locks, she told PEOPLE, “I think that I have an addiction to dying my hair, because I always like it to be different. I don’t like being compared to other people.”


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