Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Toyota Prius Plug-in priced from £27,800

Toyota Prius Plug-in priced from £27,800 The new Toyota Prius Plug-in emits just 49g/km CO2 and will cost £27,895 with the government’s low carbon vehicle grant. The standard car costs £21,560 and emits 89g/km of CO2.

Lithium-ion battery technology means the Plug-in can cover longer distances and reach higher-speeds on electric power alone compared with the nickel-metal hydride batteries in the standard car. Despite its name, the Plug-in is still a hybrid, and it will revert to petrol power once its battery charge is depleted.

The Toyota Prius Plug-in charges from a standard domestic supply or an on-street charging point. The Plug-in comes with a five-metre recharging cable which is stored beneath the boot floor.

Standard equipment includes LED lights, satellite navigation, voice recognition, rear-view camera and Bluetooth connectivity. Leather upholstery, privacy glass, parking sensors and chrome exterior trim appear on the options list.

The new batteries make the Plug-in more expensive than the standard £21,560 Prius. Prices start at £32,895, but it is eligible for a £5000 government grant on new low emission vehicles, meaning its on-the-road price is £27,895. It’s available to order now for July deliveries.


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