Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Toyota Prius V Service Campaign Launched to Correct Exhaust Issue

2012-Prius-V Toyota Motor Company has announced a voluntary recall of certain Prius V vehicles to repair a control mechanism in the exhaust system.

Toyota is calling the program a “service campaign,” and will be replace weak actuators in the exhaust heat recovery system that have been causing engine coolant leaks. In the event of a coolant leak, the car will switch into safe mode which allows it to operate only on electric power.

About 28,000 Prii are affected worldwide, with 20,000 of those being the Prius V which we get here in America.

Although the Prius has enjoyed some good sales numbers, it has also been recalled in the past for other issues. Hopefully this issue can be resolved easily, as Toyota is finally getting over the bad wrap it got over the unintended acceleration accusations, and does not need more bad press over recalls.

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