Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alleged Samsung Galaxy S3 screen protector “confirms” larger display size and shape

Samsung-Galaxy-S3-screen-protector Another day, another Samsung Galaxy S3 “leak”, right? While this is not a leaked photo of the actual device itself, it is actually a photo of what appears to be a screen protector that has been laser-cut specifically for the upcoming Galaxy S3 in mind. Supposedly made in Korea, the screen protector has been dubbed the “Ultimate Screen Guard” and it gives us a clue of the shape of Samsung’s upcoming flagship device. It is also a pretty good indication of how big the screen will be, assuming that this screen protector is indeed for the Galaxy S3.

The folks over at Unwire HK compared it against the screen size of the Galaxy S2 and as you can see, while its width is almost similar to the Galaxy S2, its length is noticeably longer and seems to corroborate rumors of a 4.8” display size. The curved bottom and the size and shape of the home button also seems to be in line with the recently leaked images. In any case the announcement of the device is set for tomorrow so we guess we don’t have to wait very long to find out for ourselves. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for the official announcement and the details! So, who’s excited? I know I am!


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